IM job posting referral

An external posting for IM trainees has been approved and is scheduled to post on 4/23/2018. This posting will come down on 4/30/2018. There are qualifications/requirements for applicants/referrals. For details, contact Corey B. or your President or me. Also note that transcripts must be submitted when applying. If you ask for someone to be considered for referral they must meet the minimum requirements and they are still required to apply through the TVA Careers website. They also must be located within the 60 mile radius. The Job ID is 506776. If you know someone you would like to refer, get their name and transcripts to one of IBEW 765’s officers/stewards. These referrals have to be sent up by the 29th, so we will need them in by 4/20/2018 at 1500. Due to the time it takes to review each request, and the possibility of having many to review, we will not accept late entries. We will be limited to 20 referrals we can provide to TVA.