1 month in – update courtesy of Brother Blakely

A month is in the books now and I just wanted to give a little update as to the state of our Local. Currently we have a lot of good things happening. We are working hard to improve communications and on that subject I would like to thank Art for working diligently to get this website updated and also making a forum for us to use. “Shop Talk” message board is active now with updates on what is going on, an off topic section, and even a poll section for us to use to get the pulse of the membership on various ideas we have. If you would like access to it you can simply email Art (by clicking on the “webmaster link to the left) and he will give you instructions or if you have Facebook join our IBEW 765 group and the instructions are there as well.

The Union meeting on Monday night will have a whole host of issues and information being talked about and as a primer I put a post in the “Shop Talk” message board with a rough outline of the agenda for that meeting. I ran my campaign on improving communications and trying to get more participation and towards that one of the first polls we are conducting on the message board is about possibly having a Union picnic. Please vote in that poll so that we can get an idea of how many people might attend if we go forward with that. Art also has fixed the emails on the left and they should all be working as well so if you need to get in touch with an officer privately just click on the link to the left or make a post on the “Shop Talk” board asking for someone to contact you.

Lastly Labor day is fast approaching and if you didn’t know there will be a parade and activities in the Shoals area. A lot of people that came before us put a whole lot on the line so that we can have the benefits we have today so please keep them in your thoughts & prayers along with our Brothers & Sisters that may not be in great health. I hope you all have a great month of August and look forward to seeing you at the Union meeting.

Michael A. Blakely 2nd

President/Business Manager
IBEW Local 765

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